Friday, June 16, 2017

What's Penny Wearing? #147 A Colorful Embroidered Vintage Skirt

Today, Penny is wearing an absolutely gorgeous vintage skirt that I got at a thrift store in Washington.
 I can't say that I "found" it, because my friend Kari actually spotted it first and pointed it out to me;

It's a stunner, isn't it?
 Embroidery with mirrors - I'm pretty sure I had at least one item of clothing back in the 70's that was made from embroidered fabric like this.
 Unbelievably colorful and fabulous!
 Gratuitous close-up....
 And here's a shot so that you can see the underside:
 With the skirt, Penny is modeling a vintage blouse I've had since the 70's:
 White cotton, Made In India - a light and pretty little thing!
 (As opposed to the skirt, which is REALLY heavy!)
And yet together, Penny and I think they make a pretty good pairing!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Seattle, And A Long-Awaited Visit With My Dear Friend Patsy

Lori and I got to go to Seattle, too, when we were on our trip!

Neither of us had ever been there before, but I have a good friend who moved there two years ago to be closer to her daughter and her family, who live in Gig Harbor, Washington.
We were able to stay with her for two nights and we had such a wonderful time!

That's Patsy on the left, above - and me.
 (We don't know the other guy.)
Lori took the picture.
Patsy and I worked together at the Stagecoach Inn restaurant in Columbia, California 35 years ago, and I also used to babysit her kids back then, as well.
She has a lovely place; it's all her own and she was able to decorate it precisely how she pleased, and I am SO happy for her!
I do wish she wasn't so far away, though......
Don't you just LOVE it when you get to see girlfriends again after way too long apart?
I do.
Lori and I were thrilled to be there - Patsy is simply a delight to be around!
Patsy is a fabulous hostess and she took us around to see as much as we could in our limited time there.
We went home the first evening and watched "Sleepless In Seattle".
Of course, we have seen it before (and loved it!), but I hadn't seen it in quite a while, and it was so fun to watch it again - in Seattle!
She had made some fantastic homemade chili that we got to eat for dinner one evening, too.
Yum - wish I had some right now. I mean, it's June 11th and it is 63 degrees outside right now.
VERY unusual for this time of year - but I am loving it.
The picture below was taken while we were having a great lunch at Doc's Marina Grill on Bainbridge Island:
We had a drink at Ivar's one afternoon:
We went on a ferry:
We went to Pike Place Market and had some delicious clam chowder:
They weren't throwing fish around while we were there, but the fish counters were certainly impressive!
And there were some gorgeous flowers, too!
Love you, Patsy!
And I'm ready to come back - any time!
(But it will have to wait a while, unfortunately.)
I'd come tomorrow, if I could!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Blogger Meet-Up: A Special Day In Portland!

Lori and I took a road trip up the Oregon coast and into Washington, and I am going to do a number of posts about our trip.
We got to meet Alicia Paulson of  Posie Gets Cozy and Laurie Romanaggi of Magpie Ethel on the same day, and we could not have been more delighted!
It was Alicia's blog that introduced me to the world of blogging, and inspired me to try and begin one of my own.
First we met Alicia and her adorable daughter Amelia at
Monticello Antique Marketplace and had a lovely lunch with them at Monti's Cafe:
After having shopped at Monticello and having enjoyed their company, we got to go see the famous Magpie Ethel Studio!
You know - where all the Magpie Ethel Magic happens?!
I snapped a few photos.
So much to see, I  think we were mesmerized by it all.
Surrounded by vintage delights and bits and bobs in every little nook and cranny.
And it was so much fun to meet Laurie!
Lori took this picture of us:
Thanks to Lori AND Laurie for the nice pic!
 (Can you tell I was happy to be there?)
I have always enjoyed seeing all of the pictures Laurie posts on her blog, but being there in person was pretty spectacular!
I wish I had gotten more photos.
We felt truly lucky, indeed, to have had the opportunity to meet both of these nice, talented, creative and inspirational women!
(Oh - and and I wanted to say also that getting to meet Amelia was an extra-special bonus - because we were hoping she was coming, too - but we didn't know until we saw them arrive whether she would be there!)

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lounge Chair Road Trip No. 18: Newcastle, California

Good morning, Tina here.

Heading out (in my mind) to the north of us to Placer County to the charming Railroad burb of Newcastle, which I will show you through a few postcards.

I remember this little town near Auburn fondly since a childhood friend of mine moved there while I was still in grammar school and we went to visit. We had so much fun!

I remember feeling like we had the run of the town, which was dirt streets, packing sheds, a railroad depot, small stores, and my very favorite of all... old Victorian houses (one which was rented by my friend's family of nine kids).

Here is one of the long packing sheds. Debbie's dad had a business making oak briquettes coated with wax to barbecue with, which I think was very forward thinking for the 'sixties, and packed them for sale in one of the sheds. We thought it was great fun to ride down the bumpy conveyor belts in the old wooden fruit boxes!

I haven't been to Newcastle in a few years, but now it has a couple of stores and a few restaurants and the long sheds hold commercial efforts of various sorts, changing now and then.

Oh what fun it would have been back in the day to ride the train to or through Newcastle!

I guess maybe I should have called this post a Lounge Chair TRAIN Trip...

Because, although the postcard above, the newest I have, is from the 'sixties. just like Mr. Bumpus's briquettes, the train still runs through the historic town of Newcastle.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Vintage Dazee "Put-Ons"

I found these groovy vintage Dazee Pets "Put-Ons" a while back.
Blue and green chickens:
Pink and orange lions:
Blue and green bunnies:
And pink and orange monkeys:
Aren't they the cutest??
I wish I had found more of them!
These chickens were on eBay (they aren't mine):
Here is the back of the package:
I've found some other colorful vintage things, too - like these "Label-Licks":
So - perhaps it seems crazy for me to love this colorful, fabulous stuff so much - but I simply DO.
I do not know whether I will ever use them, but I may be able to display them, at least!
Gotta go- but there's nothing to stop you from "hangin' around" awhile - we do have more than 3000 posts here on the blog for you to read, and (hopefully!) enjoy!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

My newest watercolor acquisition: Charles F. Surendorf

Tina here. This is going to be very short.

Ever since Heidi got married, and acquired some lovely Surendorf works, I always wanted one of my own, and I finally did purchase a beautiful painting of the historical Episcopal church in Sonora.  I am embarrassed to say I have never hung it since I have so much other art on my walls! I would show it here but it is packed away, so another time.

A few weeks ago I found another I could not resist. It is of an old farmhouse with the usual spooky foliage he seems to enjoy adding into his works, forming imaginative mystical shapes.

I have a feeling I will be spending many hours just looking up at this house and making up stories in my head about my life here. Right now I am sitting on the porch with a glass of iced tea, no lemon or sugar, swatting the first mosquitoes of the season, and finishing this post. Cheerio!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Vintage Clothing, Decor - And Much More.....

It's the last three days of the little sale I am having in my Etsy shop; it ends May 4th at 11:59 pm.May 4th.
The photos I'm posting here today show a small sample of the types of items I have currently listed.
If you visit my Etsy shop "Cool Paisley Cat", you will find a coupon code to enter for 25% off the current listed price of each item you order.
Please note that interested international buyers must contact me first (through Etsy, only, please - NOT through comments here on the blog) to inquire about shipping.
I have this fabulous rooster wall hanging:
This gorgeous vintage skirt:
 A colorful burlap bag:
Toddler dresses:
Pictured here are a pair of granny square pillow covers:
I have shirts and tops:
This fabulous vintage needle-punch silhouette pillow cover...
 ....  and much more, including kitchenware, collectibles and crewelwork craft kits.
Head on over and take a look if you have a chance!
(Just click on my shop name at the top of this post.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Farewell to a Good... (Well Most of the Time...) Dog

Tina here. A bit late. I didn't want to write this. We had to say goodbye to our thirteen year old Welsh Corgi Robbi (Duke Robin Hood of Kelsey) this past Saturday.

I really hate it that I am outliving my pets.

Oh Robbi, I hope where you are, over the Rainbow Bridge, there is plenty of room for your tongue!

One of Robbi's favorite things was riding shotgun on the ATV with Rich to the mailbox or just around the yard.

Robbi and Ishi were pals, and until Robbi grew ill they would wrestle, and Ishi would end up rather damp-mop-like. I think he misses that. Heck, I miss that.

Goodbye little swift cattle herder.