Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lady Edith's Hats #5 - Pretty In Blue And Green

Today, Lady Edith is donning a kerchief, actually, rather than an actual hat.
Still, it's a head covering, and quite a pretty vintage one, at that!
 I love the colors of the flowers and the pattern.
Lady Edith doesn't need to worry much about her hair getting mussed, but she is ready for a ride out of doors, whether it be in an open carriage or a convertible automobile.
Come on, springtime; we're ready for you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Patterns From The Past: Simplicity 7394 - A Classic Chanel-Style Suit

Today's pattern from the past is Simplicity number 7394, a classic Coco Chanel-style suit.
This red mohair version trimmed in black happens to be my favorite among the variations I'm featuring in today's post:
Now THAT one truly makes a statement, in my opinion. Fabulous.
Here are three versions depicted on the front of the vintage pattern:

Make the skirt short or long; make the jacket with pockets or without - and in any fabric you choose.
It will look great no matter what you do, I think!
This one is terrific, also:
Match your blouse to the trim on the jacket - perfect:
 Trim the jacket with fringe and metallic buttons:
 Do that again, but make it in lavender with along skirt for a very elegant look:
 Or try it in black and white, with lace to dress it up this time, and wear it to your next evening soiree:
 Of course, it never hurts to add wonderful matching or contrasting  accessories such as a bag, belt, or jewelry to truly pull together a sensational ensemble!
Pattern front....
      ... and back:

(The suit versions pictured on the models here are from Family Circle magazine, a lovely article from 1976, which also featured a photo of the late, great Coco Chanel!)
You've seen nine variations here today.
How would YOU sew it up?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Does She... Or Doesn't She?

The age-old question asked by Miss Clairol in their advertisements....
Does she or doesn't she?
Color her hair?
Oh, I'll bet she does.
Unless you are one of those women of a certain age who has decided to just leave her pretty gray hair alone - in which case, I applaud and admire (and am a bit envious of) you!
Otherwise, with even young girls coloring their hair sometimes nearly as often as they change clothes, I think you're probably among the millions of us who do, indeed color their hair.
Here's the way some boxes of Clairol Hair color look now:
I read a statistic somewhere quite a few years back and the number of women it said (as a percentage) who colored their hair, at that time, sounded ridiculously low to me.
I didn't believe for one minute that it could possibly be accurate, and I don't even remember what it was!
After I quit working, I was still paying someone else to color my hair, at a cost of about $52 every 6-8 weeks, including a simple haircut. (And by simple, I mean trim my bangs straight across, and even out the ends of my straight, long hair by trimming it along the bottom - I don't think it gets too much simpler than that.)
I'm not even really meaning to complain about the cost; that's just how much it WAS, but I no longer had an income, and could ill afford it at the time.
 And yet, I continued to do so.
 And I came up with the money, somehow - every time.
I finally decided to ask my friend Heidi - who had a bit of a background in cosmetology - to help me do it myself.
She did it for me the first couple of times, and then I think each of my sisters may have helped me too, at least once.
Then I realized that I COULD do it all by myself.
You see, the entire idea of it just scared me for a very long time - I was that afraid something would go terribly wrong.
And now, the thought of how many hundreds of dollars I spent over the years, needlessly, is almost painful!
Here's how my roots looked before.....
     .....and after one of my recent colorings:
And this is what I use, below:
L'Oreal Excellence Creme, in 8G.
(Sorry, Clairol - I'd probably try yours if I knew it would turn out exactly the same. It's just that when something works for me, I tend to stick with it - and this was the first one I tried!)
And I buy it on sale, with a coupon - sometimes saving as much $3.00 (total) off of the sale price when buying two.
 I never run out, I always have a box or two in the cabinet, and I do it whenever I feel like it.
Never costs me any more than about seven dollars.
Which is how much I pay to get my bangs trimmed - that is, unless I do THAT myself, which I have quite a few times.
I've decided the ends of my hair only need to be cut once or twice a year. And my friend Heidi did that for me for nothing the last time. Yay!
Long hair, don't care.
Because I do not want to spend my hard-earned (through selling vintage) money on my hair!
It's just a Heidi thing.
I'm about as low-maintenance as it gets.
Seriously. (You have no idea...)
And THAT, my friends, concludes the tale of MY hair care.
And if you even made it this far and have read this whole post, I thank you for being interested enough to finish it.
The End.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Models From The 60's And 70's: Jean Shrimpton

Today's post is all about the absolutely gorgeous model Jean Shrimpton, who graced MANY a magazine cover, and many a layout inside.
If you are anywhere near my age, you will surely remember this fabulous face:


More marvelous Vogue covers:

And a cover from Ingenue Magazine:
Ladies' Home Journal, from July 1969:
And here, on the cover - and inside - an issue of McCall's Magazine, this one from April of 1965:
Now, I ask you: is it any wonder every magazine wanted her to grace it's cover?
A true beauty, in every sense of the word.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lori's Trip To New York October 2017 - Post #1

 Well, you know, life happens and you get busy! I was going to start these the end of Oct '17, but then there was the awful event that happened there (thank goodness we missed that, we were there earlier in the month, so sad for the people involved and I wanted to wait a good while and I guess I did!!) My good friend, and ex co-worker Kimberly, and I planned a, 4 night 3 day, trip to New York City, not nearly enough, I know, but we aren't young! We did plenty, we felt, and may go back some time for more!!!
We flew out of San Francisco, so I drove from Placerville to her house in Sausalito the day before and her Hubby drove us to the airport the morning of, to drop us at the curb. Pretty sure we left on time, and movies to watch on the plane so all was good there!! However, upon arrival in NY that evening is when the TENSION began!!!!! Kimberly had wanted to take a Taxi to Hotel, but I had looked up the cost and thought a Super Shuttle sounded cheaper, WELL....... yes, BUT......... was I WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
Not ever flying into NY before I had no idea!! We collected our luggage and waited as told for our Super Shuttle Driver person. Only to find out we were at the wrong baggage terminal??? What? But that is where our luggage came out!!! So eventually he came to us and we hopped in, okay, fine, I thought, we were the only people in there, I thought cool. This is good. Oh no, you go to every other place in that huge airport and stop and pick up many people until the bus is completely full before you leave this huge airport!!! Then you take a tour of the entire City and drop all these people on the Bus off all over the city at their Homes or Hotels and GUESS WHAT!!!! We were FIRST ON and then LAST OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So do you think Kimberly may have asked me if the Taxi may have been a much better idea, regardless of cost, for a ride from the airport???
Anyway, we stayed at "The Hotel at Times Square" 59 W 46th St.
  Obviously it was pretty late when we finally checked in. When we finally got to our room, tired, traveling girls we were, Kimberly was not happy at all with the room, too small, and when stepping into the bathroom, being asthmatic, she instantly smelled mold, and there was, it wasn't good!!
So she called the front desk (mind you, I just wanted to go to bed) anyway, we had gotten the last room they had, cause it was so late, and nothing they could do till morning!! So time for bed, Thank Goodness!!!!!
So, of course, the next morning, a different desk clerk, that knew nothing whatsoever about the night before call from us, but assured us when we returned from our outing for the day, we would be transferred to a different and nicer room, and it did happen and was great the rest of trip!!!! 

We decided to walk to Central Park and Kimberly had heard about a Restaurant near there called Sarabeth's that she would like to try out.
So we had Brunch there. It was delicious and here is a picture of our meals.
Kimberly had some nice fluffy pancakes and sausage and I had French Toast with coconut and pineapple and a Mimosa to drink. It was a bit pricey, but you've got to try stuff, right?!

That Monday was a holiday that we had totally forgotten about when planning our trip. There were a lot of police around the City and preparations were being made for a parade, so streets were being closed, etc. It was also a bit of a drizzly, rainy day. We just wandered through Central Park a ways anyway, which did not have very many people around.

We came upon a Carousel and got all excited, but it was closed!!! Well darn!!
I tried to get a picture or two, anyway, of what I could!!


Then we took a taxi to the One World Observatory which is best described here:
One World Observatory is at the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The Observatory is located on the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors of One World Trade Center. One World Observatory offers views of New York City’s iconic sights, surrounding waters and skyline. The guest experience goes beyond the amazing view. Take an incredible elevator ride to the top. Guests can explore three levels of the Observatory filled with innovation and inspiration which include CITY PULSE, SEE FOREVER(TM) THEATER, SKY PORTAL, special exhibitions, VOICES and FOUNDATIONS and ONE restaurants.
A kind of funny story, but not to Kimberly at the time! You go up in their Sky Pod Elevator which climbs 102 stories in 47 seconds!! As the elevator takes you up, the walls of the pod show a movie that reveals the transformation of New York City from unsettled lands to today’s remarkable forest of skyscrapers. So Kimberly did not know what to expect, I guess, once we entered the pod, and she cowered down, and shut her eyes, (there is no guide with you, and it was a holiday, and zero visibility at top, so few people wanting to visit, etc.) in other words, she panicked big time!
It was no big deal and she missed the whole movie thing on the walls and it was over in 47 seconds!!!!!
We were there a good while but when we did end up leaving, since it was a slow day, we spoke with the elevator guide and they allowed us to go down and then, back up and down again, so Kimberly could experience it, AGAIN with EYES OPEN, this time, and see it, and realize how cool it was !!!!

            It is that tall, skinny, building there from this postcard I bought.
       A closer view of it here on this bookmark I bought in their gift shop.
This place "The Buzz" was where they would do a speech about various things throughout the City that the audience would like to know about; very interesting!!!!

 As I said we were there on a zero visibility day, but we hung around for a while and eventually some clouds cleared a bit here and there and I got a few photos to turn out. 
This was very interesting and we would highly recommend it!!!!

This is inside The Oculus structure which is the Centerpiece of The World Trade Center Transportation Hub that is next to the Observatory and near the 911 Memorial.
 So very interesting, also!!!
 There is a big shopping mall, cafes, etc.

After all that excitement, still a drizzly day, we looked up movie theaters and there was one nearby so we went to see the movie "The Mountain Between Us".
 Gosh what a great movie that was!!
Go see it or rent it, a good one!!!!
Anyway , then that evening, on the same street as our Hotel we found the Restaurant "Pig 'n Whistle" and Kimberly had a cheeseburger:

I had the pulled pork sandwich, it was so good.
We sat on their balcony and looked out at the street and there was some music playing. We would have definitely gone back there again if there had been a chance!!!!
 Anyway , that was about it for the first day, so more on Day 2!!!








Monday, March 5, 2018

What's Penny Wearing? #151 Aprons!

Penny wanted to model some of the aprons I've found recently, so while it did take some time to dress her up and get photos, I did finally get it done!
This one is my favorite:
Vintage flower power at it's finest:
With a cute pocket, to boot...
This next one is awfully pretty, too, in bright red ..
... and it has a rather glorious pocket on the front, as well, in a Pennsylvania Dutch floral design:
Here's a cute one - with anthropomorphic kitchen utensils, rather a happy-looking lot, too, I might add:
And they want to know, "What's Cookin'?"
Here'a a simple one trimmed with yellow rick-rack:
I do love a nice floral print on a black background:
Here's one that seems rather nice for spring:
Gingham with a cross-stitched design in aqua and black:
And my last one is a great, utilitarian apron in a fabulous green paisley print:
I like the pockets in the front.
Yep, this one's a keeper; I'm going to use it.
I just need to fashion another tie for it, as one of them is missing.
I think I can handle that.
That's it for today  - and both Penny and I hope you enjoyed seeing "our" aprons!